We are all stories

Call it hokey, or pretentious. It is. But believe it. And if you know me, you know this is where I start to wax poetic about storytelling. We all have a story to tell, and we all have the idle privilege of being a part of the same story. Humans.  We’re all in this strange existence together. Whether our story is dark or light, our fellow humans are here with us. Waiting and wanting to hear, to see, to be touched, and to be moved.

As film makers and consumers, this is the draw we all know and love. We like to be entertained, to empathize, to laugh, to cry, to bite our nails, involuntarily grab our partner’s arm or leg, dump the popcorn, and have unexpectedly visceral reactions to the stories and characters in cinema. But why?

The moving image is the closest we ever get to experiences that can only be dreamt. This makes the process a challenge, a privilege, and a great responsibility to be a visual storyteller. There is no formula. Every story has the potential to be different and new, and to give the audience a new lens through which to view the human experience.

I am a Director and Cinematographer of cinematic stories. My passions are rooted in story and character, and I’m drawn to conceptual and minimalistic works, and everything in between. I seek uncharted waters, and seek to work with those who approach the process as a creative challenge and adventure. Join me! 

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